The Zero Experience

Darshan Diary by Osho
individual talks with seekers Mar. 1977
Pune, India

That's very good... that's lovely, mm? anything that one can do in cooperation with nature is good, but do organic farming, otherwise one can be a farmer and still go on raping nature.

Do organic farming -- cooperate with nature; don't be the enemy, don't exploit. Be in tune with nature and you will gain much... may not be much financially but much spiritually.

Financially you can exploit nature more by mechanical, chemical means, but spiritually you lose.

Exploiting nature is almost like incest -- raping your own mother -- because nature is your mother, and nature is always ready to give, but don't snatch! Persuade... lovingly persuade!

Then a great experience arises by and by.

You start falling in tune with nature, you start understanding the ways, the subtle ways of nature, the subtle changes that happen in nature.

You start understanding the language, the nuances, the gestues of nature, and infinite is the happiness that arises out of that understanding.

One can almost become a buddha by just really becoming a reader of the book
of nature; then no other book is needed.

So that's very good... and now you are a sannyasin -- you will be a real farmer. Nothing like it! You will never be a rich man but that is not needed at all.

Mm? you will be a poor man but inside you will be tremendously enriched...


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